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Leaders in the recycling industry for over 93 years.

Mallin Companies, located in Kansas City, Mo., specializes in recycling insulated copper and aluminum wire, various kinds of non-ferrous metals and plastics.

At Mallin Companies, we are committed to delivering quality product and outstanding customer service, while building meaningful partnerships with customers and the community. Continuous research and technological upgrades allows our process to stay on the forefront of innovation. We’ve built our reputation on it.

Mallin Companies Facts

Total purity percentage of aluminum choppings


Years of combined experience in metal recycling


Years of combined experience in wire processing


Million feet of wire recycled on a yearly basis



Harry Mallin grew up searching the Missouri countryside for scrap in a horse drawn covered wagon. He went on to be the founder of Mallin Junk Company in 1928. Handling everything from bones and bottles to metal and rags, Harry coined the slogan, “We are not undertakers, but we deal in remains.” In 1946, Harry’s younger brother, Joe Mallin returned home from serving in the armed forces and joined his brother in business, establishing Mallin Brothers Company, Inc.

In 1953, Harry’s son, Larry Mallin became the second generation to contribute to the family business. Twelve years after joining Mallin Brothers, Larry pursued the idea of the then “new and unpopular” wire chopping industry. At the time, burning insulation off the wire was the only way to recycle and recover the metal. Making the process easier and enhancing the value of wire, Mallin Brothers became one of the first wire chopping facilities in the nation.

Larry’s son, Jeffrey Mallin, joined Mallin Brothers in 1981 becoming the third generation to enter the family business. Jeffrey has worked alongside his father to streamline operations and efficiencies, create new opportunities for growth and profitability by diversifying into plastics recycling, creating a recycling consultation program and creative marketing.

Mallin Companies is an established leader in the wire recycling industry and in 2014 proudly welcomed the fourth generation, Zach Mallin, son of Jeffrey, to the family business.

Meet Mallin Companies

The Mallin Companies team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product and service. With 122 years of combined experience in metal recycling and 104 years of combined experience in wire processing, we take pride in our reputation.

Larry Mallin

Larry Mallin
Chief Executive Officer

Larry Mallin is a pioneer in the wire chopping industry. He has been with Mallin Companies since 1952 and has served as CEO since 1992.

Jeffrey Mallin

Jeffrey Mallin

As President, Jeffrey Mallin is responsible for administration, purchasing, sales, operational efficiencies and creating new opportunities for growth and profitability.

Zach Mallin

Zach Mallin
Vice President

Joining Mallin Companies as Vice President in 2014, Zach Mallin’s areas of focus include leveraging relationships, sales growth and continuous process improvement.

Dan Schmidt

Dan Schmidt
Operations Manager

Dan Schmidt joined Mallin Companies in 2008 and is responsible for overseeing all operations of the company including shredding, wire processing, ferrous and non-ferrous operational segments.

Sharon Hall

Sharon Hall
Office Manager

Sharon Hall joined Mallin Companies in 2012 and has incorporated her accounting and customer service expertise to facilitate daily administrative operations, including logistics, planning, accounts and administration.

Industry Affiliates


We purchase and recycle all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals and plastics.

All metals are refined and prepared to rigid specifications to be remanufactured into products by industrial customers. Our processes provide environmental benefits in energy savings, pollution reduction and natural resource conservation.


We process insulated wire and provide clean, high grade choppings packaged in super sacks or alternative packaging as requested by our customers’ requirements.


A fleet of tractors and trailers as well as roll off container services are available for transporting recyclables.

Recycling Program Consultation

Our individually combined 100 years of industry experience can help establish a customized recycling program creating benefits for your company and the environment.


Copper (Bare bright #1, #2)

Aluminum (All alloys)

Wire (Insulated copper, insulated aluminum, ACSR, URD)

Brass (All grades)

Stainless Steel & High Temp Alloys


Energy Savings

Savings from scrap metal processing and recycling compared to virgin production:

Aluminum Energy Efficiency 95%
Copper Energy Efficiency 85%
Plastic Energy Efficiency 80%
Iron & Steel Energy Efficiency 74%


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