We purchase and recycle

all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

All metals are refined and prepared to rigid specifications to be remanufactured into products by industrial customers. Our processes provide environmental benefits in energy savings, pollution reduction and natural resource conservation.

We were the 3rd company in the United States to ever process wire and cable with the specialized wire chopping, or granulation and separation technology, so we have over 5 decades of experience to offer our customers. We buy and source loads of wire from businesses from all locations around North America and differentiate ourselves by maximizing revenue for our clients with timely communication, rigorous and meticulous procedures, and competitive market pricing. Each customers material is processed as its own job, completely eliminating any unidentified variables or cross contamination with other clients.


We process insulated copper and aluminum wire and provide clean, high grade metal granules packaged in super sacks or alternative packaging as requested by our customers’ requirements.


A fleet of tractors and trailers as well as roll off container services are available for transporting recyclables.

Recycling Program Consultation

Our individually combined over 100 years of industry experience can help establish a customized recycling program, creating benefits for your company and the environment.


Copper (Bare bright #1, #2)
Aluminum (All alloys)
Wire & Cable (Insulated copper, Insulated aluminum, ACSR, URD)
Brass (All grades)
Stainless Steel & High Temp Alloys Steel


Energy Savings

Savings from scrap metal processing and recycling compared to virgin production:
Aluminum Energy Efficiency 95%
Copper Energy Efficiency 85%
Plastic Energy Efficiency 80%
Iron & Steel Energy Efficiency 74%


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